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Welcome to AlaskaComedy.com’s new and improved website. My name is Jerry Evans, and over the past 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with and meet some of the best, most respected comedians of our time. Take a look in our “Green Room” and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks for checking us out and please take a look around, and lemme know what you think. I’ll be updating frequently.  

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At The NAACP Image Awards with a young Kenan Thompson and Nick Cannon. Guess who stood out? It was surreal hangin’ with Cheech & Chong. At age 15 I could recite every word of Big Bambu & Los Cochinos We all look the same! Please always remember the night we shared (what the hell does that mean?)- Kevin James To Jerry, Thanks for Bringing me  to Alaska!    -  Louis CK Home Jamie Kennedy said that may have been the craziest gig he's ever done. And that's saying something. Got to open for Jim Gaffigan in front of 4,100 people at the Alaska State Fair. The payoff. Great time with Brian Posehn & Glenner closing out the 2015 Fairbanks Funny Festival.
Special GOLDEN DAYS WEEKEND COMEDY with       Jimmy Shubert Jimmy Shubert has built an impressive resume as an actor, both in film and on television. As a comedian, he is recognized as one of the busiest comedians working today, Fresh off Last Comic Standing and Also on Comedy Central as the closing act on Dave Atell’s Comedy Underground. His hour-long stand-up comedy special which just won top ten comedy DVD’s by Punchline Magazine, and it’s available on i tunes!!. He is also known for his recurring role on “King of Queens” for five years and several appearances on “Entourage”. Jimmy has a wide range as an actor and has played everything from a prison guard in a hostage crisis to a murder victim on “Monk.” He’s worked with such marquee names as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes, Robin Williams. He says: “One of the great things about working in movies is I get a chance to work with filmmakers.” On the small screen, He recently did a guest star on ABC’s “Back in the game” with James Caan on the CBS comedy “2 Broke Girls”, He played Betty Whites neighbor in a new NBC show called “ Off Their Rockers” He recently appeared on Disney’s hit show “Zeke and Luther” as Bobby Dicey”-World’s Greatest Daredevil, and “Barely Legal” a pilot presentation about a dysfunctional family law firm, other TV credits include ” “Heist,” “The Loop,” “ER,” “Reno 911,” “Rude Awakenings,” “Angel,” “Lucky,” “New Car Smell,” “Sonny with a chance” and “Youth In Revolt.”It was Jimmy’s performance as the lollipop- sucking strip club bouncer Vic jr. in Columbia Pictures’ “Go”, directed by Doug Liman, that jump started his film career. He has landed roles in numerous other films such as Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Coyote Ugly,” Fox Searchlight Pictures’ “One Hour Photo”, “The Italian Job”, and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. In September 2007, Jimmy recorded his first half- hour special for Comedy Central Presents at the Hudson Theater in New York City, which received rave reviews from critics and a standing ovation from the discerning New York audience. Jimmy’s comedy routine is usually performed with an observational point of view, in comedic short-story form, and typically focuses on poking fun at pop culture. As AllMusic.com put it, “His confidence and lucid delivery enhances his humor, making even his most perverse moments hilarious.” Friday July 21 * Golden Days-Pioneer Park Saturday July 22 Clearwater Lodge   8pm For tickets and tables for Friday’s Golden Day’s Comedy Night, please contact the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Tickets for Saturday $20 in advance Available at The Clearwater Lodge in Delta
Kick off the season with       Darren Carter                        “The Party Starter!” Darren Carter continues to amaze and amuse standing room only audiences with his blend of unique and multi-cultural comedy.  Growing up in a racially mixed blue-collar neighborhood, Darren Carter definitely stood out at school, with his red hair and black-framed glasses.  But, he went from nerd to cool -- Opie to Red Rapper -- when he started to rap, break dance, and hip hop, all with easy humor.  Darren Carter still sees himself as a "fish out of water," and this is the core of his acessible comedy.  Moving to San Diego in 1993, Darren Carter worked the comedy circuit there for two years and landed his first national commercial for Miller Beer before moving to Los Angeles.  During the next three years, he headlined at The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, Stand-Up New York and performed on MTV's "Spring Break" and Showtime's "The Latino Laugh Festival."  Most recently, Darren has guest starred on "The X Show," "The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno," Comedy Central and "The Jamie Foxx Show," along with opening in concert for Chris Rock and Paul Rodriguez. Continuing to create his wacky and unique characters, Darren is now branching out into voiceover work and has a new stand-up comedy CD. Wednesday Sept 20 Clearwater Lodge 7pm Thursday Sept 21 Kodiak Jacks 8pm Friday Sept 22 The Blue Loon 8pm Saturday Sept 23 The Blue Loon   8pm Tickets only $20, On Sale Soon!
As twisted and funny as ever, Bobcat Goldthwait. He closed out our 2014 Funny Fest at The Blue Loon Me, Larry and Dana backstage after his show at The Carlson Center. Jerry, Take yo panties off!!! Taco Bell/Safeway Forever!!! Thanks for taking my conversation and turning it into a joke & thanks 4 Showboat! - Craig Robinson