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Glen and me with our buddy Todd Glass. He was recently on The Daily Show promoting his book “ The Todd Glass Situation” Cinco De Mayo with our friend Chris Porter. Somehow he pulls off the look. Dan Cummins and I are pretending to play foosball. The good news is we beat our pretend opponents handily Seriously, one of my favorites, Jon Dore never disappoints and never does what you’d expect With the original Co-Host of American Idol, Brian Dunkleman Me, Kate, Glen, Adam and Tracy Smith getting a little weird after our show at The Blue Loon In Las Vegas Mugging with one best comedy buddies, John Dicrosta. Got to hang out with Paula Poundstone. I spend the afternoon driving her to The Ice Park. Me, Larry and Dana backstage after his show at The Carlson Center. Just doing a little crooning with Shane Mauss Glen & I with “Road Dawg” Doug Doane and an “Original Outlaw of Comedy” Jimmy Shubert As twisted and funny as ever, Bobcat Goldthwait. He closed out our 2014 Funny Fest at The Blue Loon The best looking guy in comedy, Lauchlan Patterson. Just kicked ass on Last Comic Standing and couldn’t be a nicer guy -30 at Chena Hot Springs with Ryan Hamilton The hilarious Australian Comedian Wil Anderson with my spot light guy, fellow comedian and son, Skyler Glenner hangin’ in The Green Room with John Wing A night of high energy with Kyle “The Slow Clapper” Cease Skyler setting up the spotlight with Matt Fulchiron This guy sells-out every time he plays here. If you’ve ever seen Brad Williams, you know why Jerry & Glenner with their spawn, Skyler and Ryan at The Loon with Bil Dwyer Backstage with John Henton. Yes, also know as “Obie” from Living Single In front of our Wall of Greatness with Chad Daniels Former Mad TV castmember, the hilarious Johnny Sanchez. We brought him up for Cinco De Mayo. Is that racist? Kyle Dunnigan, aka Craig, The Truckee River Killer on Reno 911 hangin’ with my wife and a friend. Is that a good idea? Canadian Comedian, Ryan Belleville Comedian Comedy Central “Workaholic,” Erik Griffin My favorite Vegan/Jewish Comedian, Myq Kaplan
Brian Scolaro who starred with Pam Anderson on Fox’s “Stacked.” Paper reads” Legislators consider banning beastiality. Considering? In the Green Room with Mo Mandel Me and Skyler having dinner with Hypnotist Rich Guzzi. Nicest guy offstage, most hilarious twisted show onstage Lisa Landry! I describe her as being “Cute as a button, with a mouth like a sailor” On the stairs at The Blue Loon with Cy Amundson A shirtless Brad Williams riding the mechanical bul at Kodiak Jacks Glenner and his wife Maria in the Green Room with Natasha Leggero. Somehow, she fit right in Here’s a look back at some of the comedians and friends that we’ve brought up to Alaska and hung out with . I’m  still adding pictures, so please check back.  Some include my wife &  son, Dana & Skyler. - Jerry Jerry, You’re funnier than I am. I hate you.  - David Feldman Hey Jerry! U R the best - Doug Benson Jerry, Dana, Skyler, The Best Time! Thanks for the Fairbanks love!  - Maria Bamford MUSH!!! xxx - Jim David Jerry, Take yo panties off!!! Taco Bell/Safeway Forever!!! Thanks for taking my conversation and turning it into a joke & thanks 4 Showboat! - Craig Robinson Jerry! Think of me as your Dean. - Matt Weinhold P.S. Now teach me comedy Jerry, Why are the best guys so far away? Thanks for everything inc. the car - Phil Palisoul To Jerry, Thanks for the best time - Andres Fernandez Gerry, You’re the best! Take care of the WOLF, - Justim McKinney Jerry, Thanks! Prozac works! - Christopher Titus J: You Rock - John Heffron To Jerry, Dana & Skyler - Thanks for helping me fall in love with the sweet frozen tundra - Mike Lucas To Jerry, Thanks for your class and friendship.  your buddy - Carl Labove Jerry, Dana & Skyler, Your hospitality made my week! With love, Jackie Kashian We all look the same! Please always remember the night we shared (what the hell does that mean?)- Kevin James Gerry, Thanks for making me cry - Ian Bagg Jerry - Thanks you... I had a blast... - Tom Simmons To Jerry Evans, Thanks for letting me discover Alaska. It’s a blast - Tommy Koenig Jerry, Thanks for the best gig  - Billy Garan Jerry, People laughed and nobody got hurt  Thanks for everything. Rum & Coke, I’m feeling a little crazy! - Jimmy Dore - Adam Ferrara Fairbanks Rocks!  - Michael Loftus To Jerry, Thanks for the gift, Take care, Mike Siccone Jerry, Maybe next time we can get close to being on time! Thanks - Jimmy Pardo To Jery, Dana & Skyler, Loved the Hot Springs & hanging out with you guys. - Best of love, Jan Karam Jerry, Thanks for the coldest gig! - Butch Bradley Thanks Jerry! Your relationship with Glenner is safe with me. Chris Alpine Jerry, Thanks for the fun. Best - Jack Mayberry Hey Jerry, Thanks for the 1st class treatment. Fuck, it’s cold here - John Bizarre To the Fox 7 staff! George Carlin To Jerry, I had the best time! Thanks for everything - Karen Rontowski Jerry, Just wanted to say thanks for the great hospitality-I had a great timeThanks again - Don Friesen Jerry, I Love Ester - Todd Barry
To Jerry, Thanks for Bringing me  to Alaska!    -  Louis CK Green Room Bob Zany, the walking/talking Stand-up Comedy Museum. This guys done it all and is one of my favorites To Jerry, I’m out of room. - Emo Phillips For Jerry (w/ Northern Lights) Chris Bliss Jerry, Thanks for having me. Peace - Arj Barker Gary Valentine Doug Benson w/Graham Elwood Christopher Titus To Jerry, It’s always a pleasure working AK with you. Thanks for everything, See you again soon    - Ted Alexandro Mario Joyner Chad Daniels Drew Hastings
Not Pictured Include: Alonzo Bodden Angel Salazar Tom Rhodes Jeff Jena Dennis Regan Danny Bevins Billy Garan Not Pictured Include: Robert Hawkins Dan Grueter Costaki Economopoulos Danny Villapando Gary Brightwell Michael Jr.  Gary Brightwell Andi Smith Great night at The Fairbanks Funny Fest with Pauley Shore & Sandy Danto Buh-Dee Our buddy, Jon Reep, “Metro Jethro.” Nothing like pulling up to somebody so Jon can ask ”Hey, That thing got a Hemi?” Great night of comedy with the hilarious, quirky, and totally cool Arden Myrin In the Green Room with Andi Smith. So much fun, and she fit right in. Me, Glenner, Jamie Lissow and the biggest name in comedy, Costaki Economopoulos At The NAACP Image Awards with a young Kenan Thompson and Nick Cannon. Guess who stood out? OK 48 hours after the tragic fire at The Blue Loon, the nomadic T.J. Miller show tore up the Theater in Pioneer Park. Meeting, hanging out, and performing with the legendary Paul Rodriguez was true joy and honor. Great night of comedy with The Sklar Brothers. So fun to watch them crush both sold out shows on their first time to Fairbanks, I got to hang out with and open for Howie Mande many years ago in Fairbanks. I’ve been a fan of Pablo Francisco for many years, so cool to open and hang with him for 2 sold-out shows with my buddy Glenner. No better way to get the comedy party going than with  with Darren Carter, "The Party Starter." What a great week of comedy in Fairbanks with AGT’s Vickio Barbolak and special guest Sweet Lou of Comedy Store fame Whoever said “don’t meet you heroes” never met the legendary Rich Little. Still funny and so gracious. Always a blast working with hilarious Jeff Dye. If there is a nicer person on the planet, I haven’t met them. Got to open for Jim Gaffigan in front of 4,100 people at the Alaska State Fair. The payoff. Great time with Brian Posehn & Glenner closing out the 2015 Fairbanks Funny Festival. It was surreal hangin’ with Cheech & Chong. At age 15 I could recite every word of Big Bambu & Los Cochinos Jamie Kennedy said that may have been the craziest gig he's ever done. And that's saying something. 3 sold-out shows with the hilarious ISMO. He may have trouble with the english language, but he’s got comedy wired. At Green Room shot opening for  Tig Notaro. Couldn’t have been nicer and gave me a sweet intro.