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Welcome to AlaskaComedy.com’s new and improved website. My name is Jerry Evans, and over the past 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with and meet some of the best, most respected comedians of our time. Take a look in our “Green Room” and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks for checking us out and please take a look around, and lemme know what you think. I’ll be updating frequently.  

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At The NAACP Image Awards with a young Kenan Thompson and Nick Cannon. Guess who stood out? It was surreal hangin’ with Cheech & Chong. At age 15 I could recite every word of Big Bambu & Los Cochinos We all look the same! Please always remember the night we shared (what the hell does that mean?)- Kevin James To Jerry, Thanks for Bringing me  to Alaska!    -  Louis CK
Home Jamie Kennedy said that may have been the craziest gig he's ever done. And that's saying something. Got to open for Jim Gaffigan in front of 4,100 people at the Alaska State Fair. The payoff. Great time with Brian Posehn & Glenner closing out the 2015 Fairbanks Funny Festival.
                         The Original Outlaw of Comedy  Carl LaBove If the mark of a great entertainer is the ability to continually reinvent, create and astonish an audience, then Carl LaBove has undoubtedly made his mark. An original founding member of "The Outlaws of Comedy", His powerful approach to stand up comedy has been filling theaters and clubs for over 30 years. LaBove was born in Fort Worth Texas, grew up a military child, which required his family to move all around the world during his youth. At age nineteen he discovered stand up comedy with the man who would become his best friend, Sam Kinison. Together the two founded a Rock & Roll Comedy concept that would earn Billboard Magazines "Top Tour" honors by selling out theaters across the country for 5 straight years. Skyrocketing to the biggest performance stages in the country as a founding member of "The Outlaws" in the late 80’s, and early 90's, Carl would establish himself as an unparalleled comedic force during the biggest comedy boom of the last fifty years. Twenty years after “The Outlaws," Carl continues to sellout venues and amaze audiences from coast to coast. With credits that include The Tonight Show, HBO, Showtime, two comedy CD's, a concert DVD for Journey Records and much more. There is no end in sight for Carl. Thursday Dec 3rd Kodiak Jacks 8pm Friday Dec 4th The Blue Loon 8pm Saturday Dec 5th The Blue Loon 8pm Tickets $15 in advance - $18 at the door Available at Gulliver’s Books Tickets and reserved tables at TheBlueLoon.com
With Guest Instructor/Headliner Starring in “The Real Rob,” on Netflix Dec. 1st Jamie Lissow Learn the art of Stand-up Comedy from Jamie Lissow. Young, Old, Life of the party, Shy, Everybody is invited.  You'll learn how to stucture and present a 3-5 minute Stand-up Comedy routine, Then perform in front of a supportive and encouraging audience, as you become the opening act for the hilarious Jamie Lissow. For more information about signing up, please hit the Funny Fest tab at the top of the page.      Jamie has appeared on The Tonight Show, The Late Show, The Late Late Show, and his own half-hour special airing on Comedy Central. Headlining comedy clubs across the country, he has been featured at The Montreal Comedy Festival and The Great American Comedy Festival. He has appeared on Fox News Redeye more than 50 times while still managing to have no political opinions. Lissow recently finished co-writing and starring in the new sitcom Real Rob, coming this fall, with SNL alum Rob Schneider. These show star Jamie Lissow, and feature a number of new, local comedians fresh off their Funny Fest Workshops Thursday Jan 21st Kodiak Jacks 8pm Friday Jan 22nd The Blue Loon 8pm Saturday Jan 23rd The Blue Loon 8pm Tickets $15 in advance - $18 at the door Available at Gulliver’s Books Tickets and reserved tables at TheBlueLoon.com