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Welcome to AlaskaComedy.com’s new and improved website. My name is Jerry Evans, and over the past 20+ years I’ve had the opportunity to work with and meet some of the best, most respected comedians of our time. Take a look in our “Green Room” and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks for checking us out and please take a look around, and lemme know what you think. I’ll be updating frequently.  

Tragedy & Comedy

At The NAACP Image Awards with a young Kenan Thompson and Nick Cannon. Guess who stood out? It was surreal hangin’ with Cheech & Chong. At age 15 I could recite every word of Big Bambu & Los Cochinos We all look the same! Please always remember the night we shared (what the hell does that mean?)- Kevin James To Jerry, Thanks for Bringing me  to Alaska!    -  Louis CK

The Comedy Gods

we’re smiling. 48

hours after the

tragic fire at The

Blue Loon, the

nomadic T.J. Miller

show tore up the

Theater in Pioneer

Park last night.

Sold out and then

some (just ask the

dozens who gladly sat in the isles to be part of the special

evening). A lot of laughs and a lot of love. T.J. couldn’t

have been funnier and nicer as he donated a sizable

amount of his hot sauce sales to rebuilding the Blue Loon.

Open Cash Levy crushed and comedian Jamie Lissow was

in town and hung. Thanks to all who made the move of

venues possible on such short notice. Mayors Matherly and

Ward, the Police Department, Donnie and all at Pioneer

Park, Rick Mensik and everybody who helped cut through

the massive red tape in less than one working day. To


Glenner (who

also rocked),

Jonathan at AUP,



all it’s sister

stations, Amanda

Hanson, Natalie

Nuebauer, Trish,

The Blue Loon,

Gary Black,

Anna, Ryan and

Mason and ton more, thanks for making Fairbanks such a

cool place to live. And to the people that came out to

laugh and support, thanks.


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Dye, Arden Myrin, Jamie Lissow, Bill Dwyer, Todd

Glass, Jimmy Pardo, Jamie Kennedy, Bob Zany, Brad

Williams, Jimmy Schubert, Lachlan Patterson, Doug

Benson, Brian Posehn, John DiCrosta, Jon Reep, Andi

Smith, Mo Mandel, Maranzio Vance, Darren Carter,

Steve Hytner, Pablo Francisco, TJ Markwalter,

"Glenner" Anderson and Jerry Evans. Original music

by Marc Brown & The Blues Crew.

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Apply Here! Home Jamie Kennedy said that may have been the craziest gig he's ever done. And that's saying something. Got to open for Jim Gaffigan in front of 4,100 people at the Alaska State Fair. The payoff. Great time with Brian Posehn & Glenner closing out the 2015 Fairbanks Funny Festival.
“20 Years of Alaska Comedy” Live cast. L-R: Chris Porter, Jerry Evans, Jamie Lissow, “Glenner” Anderson, Bil Dwyer, Jeff Dye & Arden Myrin.
In Los Angeles at The Laugh Factory, shooting more stuff for the “20 Years of Alaska Comedy” Special. L-R: Bob Zany, Glenner, Maronzio Vance, me, Jimmy Shubert. Not pictured is former Alaskan Jeremy Seward making it happen behind the scenes.
Gathering more gold for the “20 Years of Alaska Comedy” Special with the hilarious Jimmy Pardo, Glenner, me and Todd Glass who is obviously happy to be there.
In Los Angeles at The Laugh Factory, shooting stuff for the “20 Years of Alaska Comedy” Special. L-R: Jon Reep, Glenner, Bob Zany, Me, Brad Williams, Mo Mandel with former Alaskan Jeremy Seward making it happen behind the scenes. Oh yeah, this is gonna be good.
SNL’s Chris Kattan closed out the 2019 Fairbanks Funny Fest. Who’d have thought when first watching Mango? A great night with Tom Arnold closing out the 2018 Fairbanks Funny Fest. Not only got to open for Tig Nataro, she gave me my best intro ever! As twisted and funny as ever, Bobcat Goldthwait. He closed out our 2014 Funny Fest at The Blue Loon Me, Larry and Dana backstage after his show at The Carlson Center. Jerry, Take yo panties off!!! Taco Bell/Safeway Forever!!! Thanks for taking my conversation and turning it into a joke & thanks 4 Showboat! - Craig Robinson